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Youth Workshop: Consent is Cool/#inspireconfidence

We have extended our workshop on the 15th of Mar to include Mar 13th. Here are a few more details

On Mar 13/15th at 10am-3pm, we will be hosting a youth series on online use, consent and issues affecting teens 12-14yrs old.

The event on the 13th will be peer led with special activities and presenters. Then, at 1pm til 3pm we will be addressing self confidence, self esteem, self worth and overall physical and mental health during tough teen years. The event on the 15th will be led by CST Crystal Evelyn of the RCMP and Corey Making, Registered Clinician, from Ksan Society

It will be held at the Terrace Women’s resource centre for free. Please contact Adrianne at 250.638.0228 or programcoordinator@twrcs.ca for more info



These are free events at the Terrace Women's Centre. 

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