Terrace Women's Resource Centre Society

Terrace Women's Resource Centre


Meet The Team

We currently have 6 staff working for the Society, a volunteer Board of Directors, and many wonderful event and program volunteers.

  • Rosemary Craig, Society Executive Director
  • Brin Friend, Women's Centre Coordinator and Literacy Outreach Coordinator
  • Kiera Bokvist, Gender Equality Program Coordinator
  • Gayle Holtom, Skeena CCRR Program Coordinator
  • Tara Salavich, Skeena CCRR Program Coordinator
  • Catherine Michaels, Society Program Clerk

Board of Directors

Contact the centre if you are passionate about feminism and wish to become a Director on the TWRCS board.

Annual Reports

Ongoing reporting for our Charity

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

4553 Park Ave, Terrace, BC V8G 1V3
(250) 638-0228
programcoordinator@twrcs.ca or info@twrcs.ca
Charity Number: 119210623RR0001

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