Terrace Women's Resource Centre Society

Terrace Women's Resource Centre



Our mission statement is “Northern women working in community advancing the rights of women and families from a feminist perspective.”


* Promote safe and healthy communities by providing inclusive support to individuals and families that lead to active participation in civil society;

* Reduce financial, cultural, and social barriers for children, adults, and family groups, with a focus on women, by offering information, support, referrals, and targeted programs;

* Encourage communication and partnerships among community groups by sharing information, offering topical workshops, and providing training opportunities

* Create effective networking and personal growth opportunities for individuals and families by providing a variety of programs including, but not limited to, literacy, healthy living, safe relationships, and economic prosperity;

* Offer women’s programs that strengthen self-confidence, overcome isolation, improve socioeconomic standing, and increase community attachment;

* Share an open and inclusive gathering space for individual and family interactions and for supportive community use

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

4553 Park Ave, Terrace, BC V8G 1V3
(250) 638-0228
programcoordinator@twrcs.ca or info@twrcs.ca
Charity Number: 119210623RR0001

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