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Activism and Feminism

Intersectionality  and Feminism

Members of TWRCS need a strong passion for feminism in the workplace, community and home. Members shall be conscious of the historical, geographical and economic differences between women due to social, economic, racial, sexuality and gender adversity they face. Members recognize that their approach to feminism (equality among men and women) needs to consider the unique truths of the individuals and the existing anti-racist, anti-oppression viewpoint in which Intersectionality feminism uses.

TWRCS promotes activism with events/activities such as, Take Back the Night (TBTN), Memorial to missing and murdered women,  the VAWIR committee (Violence Against Women in Relationships), Dec 6th, National Remembrance and Action Day of Violence Against Women, March for Victims of Violent Crime, International Women’s Day, Feb 14th, Day to Remember Murdered and Missing Women, and through Peer support. As well, the TWRCS offers the Moose hide Campaign which draws attention to violence as domestic violence, as a men’s issue and a commitment from men to stop violence against women.

TWRCS also holds and has held movie sessions for the community and school aged students to deconstruct masculinity, feminism, rape culture and violence towards women. TWRC has shown the Mask you live in and also conducted a workshop on Decolonizing the Praxis to address the oppression of colonization in society.

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

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