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Community Literacy

The Terrace Community Literacy Outreach Coordinator (LOC) is funded by Decoda Literacy Solutions for five hours per week.

The LOC: 

  • Organizes Terrace Literacy Task Group meetings throughout the year 
  • Communicates literacy updates to Task Group members
  • Coordinates local literacy initiatives involving multiple stakeholders 

Why Literacy Matters: 

  • https://cwf.ca/research/publications/what-now-busted-11-enduring-literacy-myths/
  • Poverty: Literacy skill level and household income are positively related. At $84,600, the median household income for individuals with the highest literacy proficiency (level 4 and level 5) was 70% higher than it was for those with lowest literacy proficiency (level 1 and below), and 33% higher than for those in the level 2 proficiency category. Source

For information about upcoming Literacy meetings, please contact Elena at 250-638-0228 or info[at] twrcs.ca.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Education. Contact info@decoda.ca for more information.

Imagination Library

Register your 0-5 year old child to receive books monthly for free!

Lost in the Digital Age

Need help with computers, no problem

Literacy Workshops

Check out various workshops on literacy from Digital, Financial, Food and Community.

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