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Literacy is an identified social determinant of health and an issue that greatly affects women and families. Low literacy links to high rates of poverty, unemployment, and poor health outcomes.

TWRCS is funded by Decoda Literacy Solutions for five hours per week to support actions on goals identified in the Terrace Community Report, primarily as host of community partners’ meetings throughout the year and as a communications centre for literacy topics. Click here for more information.

Literacy Goals :

  • Evaluate and report on community progress toward the objectives in the Terrace Community Literacy Plan on behalf of the Community Literacy Task Group
  • Schedule and lead committee meetings with community Literacy partners; research literacy opportunities, gaps, across Terrace & area;
  • Act as a knowledge hub for sector leader
  • Celebrate literacy success in the community by coordinating Family Literacy Week and other community events; participation in early years fairs
  • Collaborate with literacy partners to plan and deliver local literacy events ;
  • Act as a subject-area specialist to other staff to include literacy content in community events and projects
  • Acknowledge effects of residential school and colonization on literacy rates in our area as Lead Partner and Coordinator at the Community Literacy Task Group
  • Share best practices on inclusive literacy programming;
  • Research local Early Development Instrument (EDI) statistics, high school graduation rates, and adult literacy information for use by community committee

For general information on Decoda Literacy Solutions, and plans, click here.

Community Literacy Coordination is “supported by Decoda Literacy Solutions. We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Education." Contact info@decoda.ca for more information.

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

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