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Terrace Women's Resource Centre


Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

What We Do

  • As a regional hub, women access services in Terrace that are not readily available in the more rural communities, including First Nations villages.
  • As a resource centre, we serve the population of Terrace itself, plus those from surrounding communities.
  • We promote a creative, intergenerational, and inclusive safe space for women to share knowledge and skills.
  • We value the efficiencies and professional relationships developed over the years that allow us to direct women to in-house services such as Skeena Child Care Resource & Referral, or to external supports.
  • Women’s Programs staff are committed to cross-training all those working with women who have experienced violence, and we are knowledgeable of other agencies protocols

Helping Women Connect to Resources


  • Offer free workshops, tax support through the CVITP, tax program
  • Free personal products, some baby items (toiletries)
  • Computer access, tea and coffee
  • Child friendly
  • Open door policy
  • Lending library: books on parenting, family dynamics and feminism
  • Baby-changing table and quiet breastfeeding area
  • Community resources

How we are funded

  • Women’s Centre (Funded by Golden Spruce legacy, short-term contracts, and in-kind donations)

How we Practice/In Practice

  • Acknowledgement that we operate on Tsimshian
  • Reconciliation process—contribute to decolonizing framework and dismantle the systems of oppression still present in Canada
  • Acknowledging White privilege and the challenges around that
  • Being allies to people with disabilities, of different races, classes, genders and sexualities
  • Encourage recognition and advocacy of anti-racist, anti-oppression Canadian feminism and social justice
  • Embrace Diversity: Provide a variety of books, puppets, and reading resources—across races, genders and abilities.
  • Embed culturally safe practices into day to day work in response to the Truth & Reconciliation
  • Staff cultural awareness training ongoing
  • Challenging Rape Culture

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

4553 Park Ave, Terrace, BC V8G 1V3
(250) 638-0228
programcoordinator@twrcs.ca or info@twrcs.ca
Charity Number: 119210623RR0001

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