Terrace Women's Resource Centre Society

Terrace Women's Resource Centre


Body Positivity

Helping Women through Body positivity Issues

TWRCS helps women with body positivity by promoting programs and workshops such as ‘build a Barbie’, youth-made documentaries and interviews on body issues, and workshops on topics around mental, sexual and emotional health.

Check out http://twrcs.ca/about-us/news/consent-is-cool

Keep checking for timely updates in 2018.  Phone 250-638-0228 for specific information or to volunteer.

Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

4553 Park Ave, Terrace, BC V8G 1V3
(250) 638-0228
programcoordinator@twrcs.ca or info@twrcs.ca
Charity Number: 119210623RR0001

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