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The Good Food Box

What is a GOOD FOOD BOX?
The Good Food box is a box of fresh fruits and vegetables available for pick-up once per month. The produce is purchased from a local supplier, Real Canadian Superstore, as well as local producers (when in season).

The Good Food Box is an excellent opportunity to purchase fresh produce at an affordable price. Help support your local economy and local producers and promote community food security!

What is in a GOOD FOOD BOX?

Each month the selection of fruits and vegetables may change. Basic items such as potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, apples, oranges and bananas are chosen according to what is good quality, in season, and affordable at the time.  We hope to support BC growers as much as possible.

How Much Does a Good Food Box COST?

Family size - $30 Single size – $15
All money collected is used to purchase food.

Who Can Participate?

EVERYONE is welcome to participate as we can all afford to eat better!  The Good Food Box can help you include more fruits and vegetables in your meals.  The more people who purchase a box, the greater our buying power, the better the variety. 

​How do I SAVE?
You save because the produce is purchased in the large amounts at the bet price. You save approximately 25% or more.
You save because the fruits & vegetables are bought in season at the lowest price possible. Local produce is purchased as much as possible!

You save because the program depends heavily on volunteers, which reduces program costs.  If you would like to volunteer, call  (250) 641-3663.

​Can I choose what I want in my Good Food Box?​
NO, everyone gets the same thing. You can trade items with someone else at the pick-up depot.  We are happy to hear your comments on the mix of foods in the box.​

Reference: https://www.kcssterrace.com/good-food-box

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