We are grateful residents of Terrace which is on the unceeded territory of the Tshimshian people of Kitsumkalum and Kitseleas. We are grateful to be able to do our work here and to serve our community.

The Terrace Women’s Resource Centre Society (TWRCS) is a non-profit society and registered charity established in 1980.  TWRCS incorporated in 1979.

The Terrace Women’s Resource Centre Society is a local organization with a feminist lens that brings a wide range of programming to all genders. We promote equity for all while being a community hub for those to gather and connect.

Eventually the Society grew to own/operate as the The Family Place, where three long-term programs run: the Women’s Centre, the Family Place, and Skeena Child Care Resource & Referral.

Skeena Child Care Resource & Referral   |   The Family Place   | The Women’s Centre

In addition, we offer activities and resources which promote healthy communities, help women, create community engagement, and reduce financial, cultural and social barriers for families.

Our space is used over 250 days every year by outside community groups and programs!

Also, the Society promotes partnerships, networks and communities for women and families in Terrace and the surrounding Skeena Valley.

Equity and Anti-Racism Statement

Racism and equity has always been a pervasive issue in our society. The lives of marginalized peoples are continually at risk as especially the lives of women and people of colour. 

The Terrace Women’s Resource Centre Society values are connectedness, collaboration, equity, inclusivity, diversity, and creativity and our mission is to advocate equity, cultivate resources and offer community programming within inclusive spaces for all. Our vision is to see a collaborative and thriving community that values and empowers all persons.

We condemn any acts of racism, prejudice, or exclusivity of people of colour, members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and people of all genders. We promise to uphold our values and mission and to be inclusive of all people in our work. We will not only examine the structures within our organization and work on dismantling systemic racism within our institution, but we will consider ourselves as individuals and how we can be better allies, advocates, and learners within our community.

We are also committed to reconciliation and building programming that considers the community needs. The Society strives to build off the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and to apply them to all that we do. There is a diverse and rich Indigenous population in our area and we aim to serve these communities and honour them. 

It is not enough to be simply non-racist, but we must actively work to be anti-racist. Silence is violence and we have to speak out. We have to stand together with those who are murdered, marginalized, and repressed because of who they are. We are committed to equity, reconciliation, and anti-racism.


How We Practice / In Practice

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