Women's Centre

The Terrace Women’s Resource Centre Society (TWRCS) is a non-profit society and registered charity established in 1980. It is a safe and supportive space accessed by women and families.

We house the following programs under The Family Place umbrella:

Skeena Child Care Resource & Referral   |    Terrace Community Literacy    |  Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

The Terrace Women’s Resource Centre Society offers activities and resources which promote healthy communities, help women, create community engagement, and reduce financial, cultural and social barriers for families.

We believe that providing access to relevant and timely community information, and building social connections will create a strong community.  Our space is used over 250 days every year by outside community groups and programs!

What We Do


How We Practice/In Practice

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Women's Centre Programs


Connection to Mental Health & Wellness Resources & Referrals to Programs

  • Please note TWRCS does not directly offer counselling services
  • Please note this is not a crisis line 
  • If you are in immediate crisis call:
  • #911
  • Your doctor
  • 1(800)784-2433 (Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention for all)
  • 1(800)588-8717 KUU-US (Crisis Response Service for Indigenous People in BC)

Financial Literacy - Accessibility & Social Services

  • Help filing government forms, income tax filing, housing applications, and various other application support
  • Support navigating government and community services
  • Email: advocacy@twrcs.ca  

GAIN resilience ingenuity and tenacity

GAIN resilience ingenuity and tenacity– Meetings are held at TWRCS

We have Summer Camp and After School Programs available!

Contact Us Today 

phone: 250-638-0228 or email: inclusion@twrcs.ca

Fibre Arts

Come Join Us -Tuesdays 1-3pm

Call: 250-638-0228 or email: info@twrcs.ca for more info.

A great time to meet new friends or connect with friends you know. Group for absolute beginner and experienced knitters, needlepoint, felt, crocheting, sewing and more.

We also participate in other Fibre Arts events in Terrace: Knit in Public Day, Weaving Workshop, Knitting at the Terrace Public Library. We partner with the Terrace Art Gallery on many exciting craft and art initiatives.

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